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About us

Hi, my name is Agnes Czedula founder and creative director of Style Fragments. I am an interior designer, stylist and decorator. I love everything in connection with style and design. I love art and fashion, but my heart belongs to interior design and styling. I started my career in the corporate world, but I realized very soon that I have no real passion for my work in that area. So I decided to follow my passion and make my dream to be an interior designer come true. This made me go back to school to study Interior Design. Then I decided share my knowledge and passion with you, and this blog was born.

I’m a perfectionist in my work and my personal life too, while trying to allow myself to have fun and not take myself too seriously.

I find that most people struggle to find the right items for their home and to mix different items in order to get to look they see on a blog or in a subscription like Interior Lovers Club. My mission is to make you more confident styling your home and to mix styles with one another! I want you to be confident walking into a store and choose the right pieces for your home.

Hi guys I’m Akos Novak, founder and CEO of Style Fragments. I’m the one responsible for the everyday business work of Style Fragments. In the past ten years I built and leaded three different businesses. I wrote three books and I lived in different countries in the world. But of all of my projects, Style Fragments is the number one in my heart!

I believe that our environment that we live in shapes us in a way. I believe that in an inspiring environement we can make the most of ourselves. So our mission with Style Fragments is to make every flat and house become a home! Our goal is to take our thoughts and ideas about interior design to millions of people all over the world! That’s why we wake up every morning and work often until late at night.

You and Your home are the most important for us! And we can prove it, if you try Interior Lovers Club! 🙂