Tropical trend

The tropical print trend have been with us since 2017, and it is stronger than ever in our 2018 summer. This trend reminds us of our vacations, sipping a cocktail by the sea under huge palm trees, so I suppose, that it won’t go out of style any time soon. I say it is an important topic to talk through how to style it correctly, because if styled wrong this can look very cluttered and well simply, too much. There are some key steps however, if you keep them you can enjoy your time spent in your tropical living room with your printed wallpaper, or printed throw pillows daydreaming about your next vacation.


The most important thing here is to keep the look of the room balanced. So if you have a tropical printed accent wall for example, use the colors of this wallpaper in other parts of your room, like your throw pillows and rug. So if you have a green tropical wallpaper with fuchsia and yellow in it, than only keep these three colors for your room’s color palette. Combine them with white and grey to tone down the edge of these colors. Or keep all the rest of the room white and grey to make the bright and colorful wallpaper really pop out.

Tropical wallpaper

that bird printed cushion adds a fun character to the tropical wallpaper, like it is the part of it

Leaves wallpaper

colors match so perfectly in this corner!


Balance is not only important when it comes to color, but with patterns too. I don’t say to keep this tropical pattern the only one in the room, mix it up and be brave! But don’t have any more flower or tropical prints, rather opt for geometric and paisley for example. Also balance the colors and have similar colors in every pattern to pull the look together.

Complimenting colors

colors of the wallpaper and the cushion compliment each other very nicely!

Pattern combo

This is the perfect combination of patterns! The wallpaper, the rug and the throw pillows all look great together!



The tropical print is a timeless classic, so combine it with easy and simple pieces of furniture to allow the print to really pop and pull the room together! If you have a wall of tropical print wallpaper you don’t need too much accessories, or as a matter of fact you might not need any at all. It depends on your style and how minimalist you are. I personally would pair a tropical printed accent wall with some really simple furniture pieces and no accessories for a cleaner look, like this on the photo.

Floral wallpaper


Tropical plants are coming in for us on a darker background this year. This can really set the mood of your room, try to avoid going too dark with other accents of your space. Keep them lighter and airy to avoid feeling suffocated in the space. They can look amazing paired with wooden furniture, especially darker stained wood for a really nice moody look.

Dark wallpaper

such a classic! you wouldn’t be bored with this piece of wallpaper I’m sure.

Cole&Son wallpaper

This antique side table and the wrought iron bed make a perfect combo with the print

Tropical home decor

Last, but not least, not just your wallpaper can be tropical printed. If you are afraid to make the big statement with the wallpaper and make a complete jungle of your living room, try to add smaller accessories in this print. Also add plants, they can compliment this print so nicely. But don’t go overboard with all the greens, you are not trying to put together a botanic garden am I right?

H&M Home

H&M Home has the nicest tropical printed accessories, so check out their site!

Tropical throw pillows

The perfect example of going tropical without overdoing it and keeping it very simple!

Note: We made a quiz for you, to get to know your personal interior design style in just 3 minutes! If you complete the quiz, you will be able to personalize trends for yourself 🙂

Style personality quiz for interior design fans


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