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I don’t know about you, but for me the bedroom has never been a priority. If I have a spacious bright big room in my apartment, that is definitely the living room. The second biggest should be my office, since I work at home a lot and I have a ton of stuff to store, that is definitely the necessity. So the poor bedroom only comes third, being the smallest room. After all we are just sleeping there, right?

Well, not really. Although we don’t spend that much time in there, it is still the place where we sleep, relax and recharge. Maybe it happens to be the smallest room in our home, but we can make it cozy and very comfortable with a few design steps.

Use lighter colors

My first tip would be to use lighter colors in your bedroom if it is small. I know it is a cliche, but it really makes your space look bigger. And mirrors also do wonders to a small space, they make it look optically larger. So if you have a tiny bedroom, I don’t recommend painting all the walls dark blue, instead opt for a crisp white or some light pastel hues.

small white bedroom

As you can see most larger surfaces and furniture are white in this small bedroom. You can add one colorful or darker accent wall though, if you wish. photo: Shutterstock

Use a daybed

If you live in a condo, or you just want to save space in your small bedroom, a daybed is an awesome choice. You can make it look like a sofa for daytime by adding a ton of pillows arranged in the back, so it is comfortable to sit down on it and laying your back on the back of the bed. Add some blankets for comfort and you are all done.


A daybed can multiple functions in your small bedroom: bed during nighttime and couch during daytime. photo: Shutterstock

Place your bed against the window

Your bedroom might have an unfortunate arrangement too, if small size was not enough. But in a small room, wall space is precious and cannot be wasted. So don’t be afraid to place your bed under the window, but in this case opt for one without a headboard. The curtains will create a nice focal point anyway, and it will look nice and airy.

bed under the window small bedroom

Regarding style I’m not a fan of this room, but it shows you how a bed under the window can be a good idea. photo: Shutterstock


Built-in storage and shelves

Storage is a tricky part of any home, let alone a small flat or condo. So to maximize your storage space, customize it! Choose built-in shelving, that is just perfect for the space you have, and built-on wardrobes that can even go up to the ceiling. So you can use up space up to your ceiling and store items there, that you don’t use on a daily basis. When they’re part of the walls, you don’t lose nearly as much valuable square footage and it looks perfect fitting in your space.

built-in shelves bedroom

Built-in cabinets and shelves can save you some floor space in a small room. photo: Shutterstock

Pendant lighting

Every surface is precious, even your nightstand when you have a small bedroom. So don’t waste it on having a table lamp. Instead hang a pendant lamp above your nightstand, so you will have more space on it for your books and essentials. Also, I personally think pendants in your bedroom are great design elements and they can add so much character to the room, especially if it is a small one.

pendants above nightstand

Pendants can look superb hanging above your nightstand. photo: Shutterstock

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and see you in the next one 🙂



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