Kitchen flooring

The flooring in the kitchen should be first and foremost functional. It needs to be easy to clean, especially if you are in there a lot and cook a lot. In this post we are going though some kitchen flooring options to be able to choose the best one for yourself. 


In the kitchen we mostly use hard finish flooring, because it is much easier to clean and it is water-resistant. However there are some good laminated or solid wood floor options that are water resistant too, so you can opt for that. Although keep in my that laminated floor usually doesn’t last decades. If you opt for one of these, tell the seller in the shop, that you want to put it in your kitchen, so it needs to be water-resistant. You can also opt for vinyl flooring or there are some wood flooring types that can be good for the kitchen too. Always consider how much time you spend there. If you are living alone in a studio and nearly never cook, just sometimes make some spaghetti or an omelette, you are probably all good with any type of flooring. However if you are a family of 4 with two kids and cooking large meals every day, spilling things and the kids playing, than probably good idea for you to opt for hard finish.


Regarding the style, decide if you want your floor to be dominant in your kitchen, so a patterned or colorful tile option will be best.

Pattern flooring

If you want your kitchen floor to be in the focus, these tiles are the perfect choice. photo:


Or you can opt for a subtle neutral one, and let some other parts of your kitchen steal the show.

Neutral kitchen flooring

Simple and neutral, yet elegant kitchen flooring. photo: Shutterstock

Switching design

Switching floor design in one space is always a big question, if the kitchen is in one space with the living room and dining room area. I’m personally not a a fan at all of doing this, instead choose a water-resistant laminated or solid wood floor in the whole space, and it will look nice and unified. Switching the floor design breaks up the space and makes it look much smaller, than it actually is. Although there are some trendy options, that look good and not fake in my opinion, just keep in mind that these trends usually go away in a couple of years, so if you want a more timeless solution, don’t choose them.

Floor design

I love this trend! Though we don’t know how long will it stay with us. photo:

Dining room or dining area

I prefer warmer flooring, not hard finish. Like wood or laminate in the dining room or area to avoid a cold atmosphere. Because of this reason I don’t like putting a glass table in the dining room, glass is too cold for that vibe in my opinion. You can do an area rug under the dining table, to make it feel warmer for the feet and comfortable to the eyes.

Dining room

An area rug can set the dining area in the space perfectly. photo: Shutterstock

Note: We made a quiz for you, to get to know your personal interior design style in just 3 minutes! If you complete the quiz, you will be able to personalize trends for yourself 🙂

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