Patterned tiles

Are you a creative and bold person, who likes to implement her own personality in the living space? Not everyone wants just a basic white bathroom, we are not the same. For me, I like to enjoy a simple bathroom every now and then, but I adore fun patterned tiles and colors just as much. If you are bored of the minimalist trend and want your bathroom to become a creative oasis, this post is just for you! Choose bold and daring patterned tiles in the hues of the rainbow and enjoy your spa time!

Patterned tiles

Patterned tiles offer something completely different to your bathroom. They instantly draw the eye and become the center of attention, whether they are used on the walls or on the floor. You can choose so many styles, they can feature almost any style of bathroom, whether it is a traditional or a modern one. They add a designer touch to your bathroom and makes it look more expensive, than it actually is, but the truth is they can be just as cost effective as any other style, the pattern doesn’t equal expensive.

Black and white patterned tiles

The most popular use is to use them as floor tiles, and put them on the floor. Keep the wall tiles simple and plain and use the patterned floor tiles as the center of attention. A very popular combination is using patterned floor tiles and combine them with white or grey plain wall tiles. Metro or subway tiles work brilliantly with patterned tiles!


Patterned floor tiles

The biggest favorite of mine is to use black and white tiles to create a monochromatic look. Monochrome bathrooms look amazing featuring a same colored patterned floor with using black and white all through the bathroom. You can also add some gold or copper touches and glam it up a bit, or add some plants!


Patterned tile accents

Patterned tiles accent

If you are not ready to go that bold just yet and don’t want to fully commit to a full floor or wall patterned tiles installation, just using the patterned tiles sparingly can be a good idea! They will instantly become the focal point of the bathroom, so be careful where you put them, they will draw everyone’s eye there.


Accent wall

You can also feature patterned tiles on just one wall of your bathroom and create an accent wall, like this very cute and small bathroom on the photo. The beige mainly beige toned patterned tiles definitely catch your eye when entering this space! The beige hues create a warm and homey vibe combined with the warm mid-brown wooden tones.

Colorful tiles

Emerald and gold tiles

You can achieve a very elegant and luxe look with using patterned tiles too. Use jewelry tones like this emerald green on the photo, and combine with marble and gold accents. The result is a beautiful and glam bathroom that feels very luxurious being in.


Unique tiles and floor tiles

You can also cover all your bathroom walls and floor with the same patterned tiles without being too much! The key here is to go for simple colored patterns and to use minimal and plain features in other parts of the bathroom! This freestanding minimalist tub works amazing with this design!


Colorful patterns

Who said you can’t use color? The trick here is to stay in balance with the other parts of the bathroom. If you use bold colored and patterned tiles always keep the rest of the bathroom plain, like this bathroom on the photo. These styles are originated from Moroccan and Mediterranean cultures, so why not create such an oasis for yourself?

Note: We made a quiz for you, to get to know your personal interior design style in just 3 minutes! If you complete the quiz, you will be able to personalize trends for yourself 🙂

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