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Choosing the right sofa in your living room is always an important decision, and it shouldn’t be neglected. It is one of the most expensive furniture in your home and it will serve you for a long time. So you need to take into consideration design and function too, and neither one should overbear the other. You might like a beautiful sofa, which is not the most comfortable. In the long term you will regret this decision, because you spend a lot of hours of your free time sitting there. So whatever your style and lifestyle is, we are here to choose the perfect sofa for you! Are you excited? Because I am 🙂 Let’s just jump into it!

Experts say, that you should buy a new sofa in at least 10-15 years. So, think about your old sofa. Is it covered with blankets and suffocated with cushions so much, that you can’t even sit on it, but you want to hide it? Are you taking your guests in the kitchen instead of the living room to avoid them sitting on it? If this is the case my dear, it is time for you to get a new one! So check out our selection right here and get inspired!

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For the glam living room

Is your style as glamorous as it can be, and want your sofa to reflect that? Well this piece from MADE is the perfect choice for you then. With the luxurious velvet upholstery and buttoned back, it is the definition of luxury. It has some vintage inspired vibes with its mid-century sleek lines, but it also features brass metal legs bringing an edgy glam look to this piece. For a designer look, choose two sofas in different colour ways and place them either side of a luxe coffee table.

Glam sofa

On a budget

If you are on a tighter budget because you spent most of it on that gorgeous expensive marble in the kitchen (it happens to the best of us, don’t worry), you might need to pick a sofa that is more on the cheaper side. For this, I usually recommend Ikea, because they are really inexpensive, but comfortable and stylish at the same time. This white Norsborg piece is an amazing choice in my opinion. You can choose a two-seater or a sectional in this family if you want, and it comes in a variety of colors. It is the perfect neutral scandinavian style sofa, that can look good in basically any aesthetic.

Ikea sofa


The industrial

If you are into industrial or rustic style and fancy a natural look, this sofa is the one for you. This brown Dempsey sofa features the softest leather in the world and it is a classic for a reason. With clean, modern lines and plush cushions this amazing sofa is designed to never go out of style. The light bronze legs add just enough contemporary look to it. It’s very comfortable and it is on sale now!

Industrial sofa

For the big family

If you have a big family sitting in the living room all the time, a 3-seater won’t be enough, am I right? A sectional is the perfect choice in this case. Also most people, who have an open-plan kitchen-dining room and living room area have one of these. This piece definitely has room for the whole family to lounge on and provides comfort for everyone in the family. The Andes sectional from Westelm again features a modern form, extra-deep seat and crisp tailoring. It is definitely spacious, but feels airy and light thanks to the thin frame and cast metal legs. It is also covered in premium leather in this gorgeous cement color.

Huge sofa

The traditional

This beautiful piece from Crate&Barrel features traditional roll-arms and a sheltering frame. With the scattering of back pillows you can sit a little softer and deeper, and with the navy upholstery it shows a bit of it’s contemporary side. There are small-scale nailheads with an antique nickel finish trace the sofa’s lines for a true traditional touch. This sofa is a worthy focal point of any traditionally designed living room.

Traditional sofa

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