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Who doesn’t want her living room to look like the photos on Pinterest? It is the most popular online destination for people looking for style inspiration, Pinterest became a very important site for us style and design lovers. I always love browsing through different theme photos there in order to find some inspiration. In this post I decided to share with you some of my tips, to achieve a Pinterest worthy living room in just a few simple steps.

For these living rooms accessories and decor items make the space. If you check them well, you can see that they usually have a very neutral simple base, with a neutral-usually mid-tone wood flooring, white walls, a grey or white sofa and a ton of decor items.

Color scheme

If you type in living room ideas and scroll through Pinterest, most of the living rooms you see are quite neutral. They usually have a grey or beige couch, white walls and some heavy decor elements. So I recommend you to pick a neutral color palette for your living room, if you want to achieve the look. Go for warm tones, mostly greys and beige shades. You can also never go wrong with white and even pastel colors can work great with this color palette. Think pale pink for example for some decor elements, throw blankets or throw pillows.

Neutral color palette

Neutral color scheme is the best option if you want a Pinterest inspired living room. photo: Shutterstock


There are some different style living rooms on Pinterest, but if you check most of them are quite similar to one another. You can find some tribal and bohemian decor living rooms featuring a white base with some brown and warm beige and terracotta accessories, macramés, hanging chairs, woven and rattan everything.

Shabby chic or rustic style living rooms are also quite popular on Pinterest. They have a very similar color scheme to the previous one, it uses more more wood in addition in a mid-tone brown or painted white color. Handwoven natural area rugs are often find in these living rooms as well as raw brick accent walls and fireplaces.

Scandinavian style elements are also often featured on the site. It uses more pastel shades and white than the previous styles, and the focus is on the textures. Use a lot of throw pillows, blankets, faux sheepskin rugs and natural items to achieve the perfect Scandinavian living room.

Scandinavian living room

Scandinavian living room with some tribal print accessories and pastel accents. photo: Shutterstock


Wall decor

Pinterest living rooms are quite rich in wall decor. It depends on the style, but you can’t go wrong with any of these. Most of them has a gallery wall. It can be an entire wall filled with different prints and photos, or just a smaller area on the wall above the sideboard for example. Raw brick walls are also often used decor options in these spaces, mostly the white painted version. It can compliment basically any style we mentioned previously. Floating shelves filled with plants, photos, books and little knick-knacks are usually found on Pinterest as well, or mirrors can spice up your space too.

Scandinavian pastel living room decor

Scandinavian pastel living room decor. photo: Shutterstock


Regarding the styles mentioned previously, patterned accessories can look amazing in your Pinterest inspired living room. Think of tribal patterns for your throw pillows and blankets, use some faux fur sheepskin to arrange on the side chair or the sofa. Printed quotes are also very popular, so if you fancy them, just hang some up on the wall. Geometric patterns and stripes and checkered print is also often used in these living rooms.

Living room

Throw pillows in every shape and pattern are represented here. photo: Shutterstock

Shelf decor

A carefully selected shelf decor is a very important element of a Pinterest living room, so follow the thirds rule. It’s about having about one third of the space sculptures or vases or some taller elements, one third of the space books with pretty cover, that matches your aesthetics and finally one third smaller accessories like frames to fill out the shelves. You can also place some nice art pieces, prints or mirrors behind these pieces, this way the decor will look more curated and put together.

Bookshelf decor

Follow the thirds rule to achieve the perfect bookshelf decor. photo: Shutterstock

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