The perfect paint color. This is definitely not an easy topic, and I get asked a lot about it in my business. There are so many options of paint in the stores from every manufacturers, that it can be quite overwhelming to look through. The key is always testing. Paint colors look so much more different on a little swatch than on the huge wall in your home.


I advise to select a few colors of paint you like and buy sample pots of these actual paints. Then go home and apply two coats of each to about a 10” square on the wall of your kitchen, or your space you want to paint. Observe them in daylight and at nighttime too, and see if you like it every time you see it. If your answer is yes, you can buy the full size of the paint color.


Paint finishes are important too and it depends on your style and the space you are painting. So let’s go through them quickly.

MATTE OR FLAT FINISH PAINT: it is a good choice for ceilings and rooms that don’t get a lot of traffic and movement, they are quite hard to clean.

EGGSHELL PAINT: this is a popular choice since it is easier to clean and has about the same not glossy effect. Nice option for your living room, dining room or bedroom, not the best for your kitchen though.

SATIN PAINT: a better choice for your kitchen! Also for your bathroom and kitchen, spaces that need to be cleaned often. A good option for children’s rooms and for woodwork.

SEMIGLOSS PAINT: Also great for kitchen and bathroom, it resists humidity well. It does have some glossy sheen to it, so be careful and think if you want that look or not.

HIGH GLOSS PAINT: It reflects imperfections, so I only recommend to paint by professionals, the surface also needs to be very smooth. Great choice for darker colors though for a dramatic look.


Let’s look at some of my favorite color picks:


I loooove Dulux Color of the Year Heart Wood, it is the perfect warm color for your living room, makes everyone feel welcome and cozy. Adore it!

Farrow & Ball

Also Farrow & Ball says that Pitch Blue and Calke Green is the color of this spring and summer season according to them. They say that the two color need to be combined equally in the design, not making one being the accent to the other.

“The slightly more sober Calke Green can be used on the bottom half of walls and across the trim, while vital Pitch Blue is brushed onto upper walls and even the ceiling for an intense but perfectly balanced combination that should not be taken too seriously, creating rooms that are filled with fun and optimism – a room that will make you smile.”

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Caliente is the strongest color of the year, an interesting choice from the to pick The color of the year. It is really intense and strong and full of energy. Combine it with neutral tones for a balanced look. The best is to paint one accent wall this color and keep the rest of the room neutral.

Let’s see some of my all time favorite colors if you need some inspiration for your next painting.

Farrow and Ball’s Elephant Breath is the perfect neutral shade, while still adding some color and character to the room. I think it looks perfect combined with white and natural wooden furniture.

Farrow & Ball

Farrow and Ball’s Cornforth White looks great paired with traditional elements and furniture, and white molding. It add a luxe and elegant touch to the room, while keeping it warm without being a harsh crisp white. Perfect in the kitchen as well!

If I want to opt for a darker color I often choose Farrow and Ball’s Hague Blue. It is such a pretty shade, very dramatic yet I usually find it easy to incorporate in a design, it looks amazing with a lot of different styles and furniture.

/Source of finishes photo: Newton Custom Interiors/


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