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While I’m writing this post it is still sunny and warm outside. But we need to also admit, that it is the end of August and autumn is just around the corner. And while the weather doesn’t look like it yet, I’ve been really into checking out autumn/winter trends, that are slowly making their way into the home decor and interior design shops. 

Hague blue and navy

My absolute favorite color at the moment is hands down Farrow & Ball’s Hague blue. It is such a unique color with the green undertones in the navy base, I can’t get over it. Navy is also a big trend for this upcoming season, so why not spice it up a bit and go for this more interesting one? It is the perfect option for the colder month, it is dark and moody and definitely festive too, if you want it to be.

navy trend

This color would look so perfect on your walls! Combine it with monochrome items for a dramatic look. photo: Shutterstock

Gold everything

Gold is definitely not a new addition to the trend list, it has been with us for years now. But you will see it even more this season. And what’s new? Not just our accessories and hardware will be gold. That’s right, be prepared for gold upholstery, fabrics and even gold rugs! It especially looks good with mid-century modern furniture and other warm toned pieces.

gold furniture trend

You certainly need the right decor for a piece like this, but oh my it’s soo sublime. photo: Overstock


Black accents

Darker colors are always coming up, when we are going into the colder seasons, and this year this fact hasn’t changed at all. Good news for the monochrome lovers, that black accessories and decor pieces are all the rage this season. Especially matte black is everywhere right now, even matte black stone vases, ceramic pieces, details on furniture items, like console tables and shelving units. You can make it work even if you don’t want a huge dose of it and to make your home look like a goth place. Some black accents here and there, and you are all set for the winter season!

black accents trend

The Vittsjö furniture family is the perfect choice from Ikea, if you want to go for the black accents trend, but you are on a budget. photo: Shutterstock

Huge florals

Another big favorite of mine, who doesn’t love floral pattern? Especially big flowers printed on fabrics, pillow covers and even wallpapers. This season these are mostly on a darker base, to make it more moody and appropriate for the colder winter month. I especially love these on an accent wall, so look out for all those pretty wallpapers and murals. Keep other parts of the room minimal and simple and let the florals be the focal point.

huge floral trend

Dark and moody floral murals and wallpapers should be your go to for the next winter season. photo: Shutterstock

Pink pink pink

Dusty pinks and bright pinks are all in this season, all of your favorite old-fashion pink pieces are making a comeback. They work especially well with grey tones as well as black accents, so it might be just the perfect idea to combine it with the black accessories mentioned previously. If you are up for a bold statement, go for a fuchsia velvet couch, or if you just want to play it safe then opt for a smaller, more settle piece.

pink trend

I always love a good mix of different shades of pink and purple. photo: Shutterstock

Bohemian neutrals

While I absolutely love the bohemian trend for summer, we are not ready to let it go just yet. So be prepare for some neutral awesomeness coming at you in your favorite decor shops, and mostly in a tribal or bohemian style. I must admit, I like to go a bit bolder and darker for the winter month in my home decor, but this is still an amazing choice and the good news is, that you can leave some of the summer decor, and you don’t have to invest in a ton of new things!

neutral trend

I just love this corner, so calm and pretty. You can find all these baskets, throw pillows and blanket on a budget if you visit H&M Home or Ikea.

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