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I was in a bit of an inspiration funk in this past week. I sat down writing a post, and nothing really came to my mind. So I decided not to stress about it too much, maybe I need some time. And for this week, inspiration came back! Maybe it is the start of the new week or the new month, but I’m really excited about October and fall in general. We just turned on the heating yesterday, so I can say, fall and the colder season definitely has arrived. Although it feels so good to cozy up in the bed under a blanket. Movie marathon and tea season is on! 

Okay, enough with the rambling, and onto the actual post. I thought I will be sharing some bedroom design inspiration with you today because I think people can be discouraged when it comes to the bedroom. Of course, nothing can beat a neutral bedroom, if you are up for that. But you can also go bold with brighter and darker colors and different styles if you like that vibe. I’m showing you some examples for both, and I hope you will like some of these!

Vintage mix

This bedroom is definitely more on the traditional-modern side, but they are gorgeous nonetheless. The stitched headboard screams traditional, but the flooring and the area rug takes it to a more modern side. I also love the idea of using vintage suitcases instead of a bench, it is very interesting and fun in my opinion.

Vintage suitcases and stitched headboard, a yes from me!

Vintage suitcases and stitched headboard, a yes from me! photo: Shutterstock


I think this bedroom would be perfect for a teenager. Love all the geometric details, the lamp and the pillows, they look very “young”. I would probably spice it up with a more fun or special area rug, and definitely a bigger one! But a cute look in all, nonetheless.

A perfect bedroom for a teenager.

A perfect bedroom for a teenager. photo: Shutterstock

Loft style

I’m in love with LED signs at the moment, and this one fits perfectly in this loft style bedroom. The pallet headboard and bed make a perfect combination with the raw brick walls and the unfinished painting, even a little bit too lofty (is that even a word?) for my taste.

LED sign and raw brick walls-a perfect combo.

LED sign and raw brick walls-a perfect combo. photo: Shutterstock


This bedroom just screams nature to me with its colors and the natural fabrics, like the linen curtain, and the woven basket and wooden nightstand. I somehow like the messiness of it, nothing is perfect, but it just feels right with this style.

Natural fabrics and wood equal perfection.

Natural fabrics and wood equal perfection. photo: Shutterstock


I don’t necessarily think of this style when I think of a floral bedroom, but it is still a cute bedroom. It is very delicate and feminine, and I like all the wildflowers in the vases that look like the print on the bedsheet. Absolutely love the lamp though.

Floral bedroom.

Floral bedroom. photo: Shutterstock


Would you say this is a tropical bedroom? Well, at least in some parts. This emerald green shade looks amazing with the gold tones and the combination with this mid-century modern armchair is just perfection. I would love this armchair in basically any space.

Green bedroom with tropical bedsheet and emerald mid-century modern chair

Green bedroom with tropical bedsheet and emerald mid-century modern chair. photo: Shutterstock


I would say this is a true Scandinavian style bedroom with the pastel shades, the light wooden tones, the clean lines and the metal legs. Love this style, so love this bedroom.

Perfect Scandinavian pastel bedroom.

Perfect Scandinavian pastel bedroom. photo: Shutterstock



If you are into darker wall shades, this bedroom is definitely for you. Well, I agree with you, I love this too! It looks great with gold, and you can absolutely style with faux plants. I was completely against faux plants, especially if they are this big, but this one actually looks good and not that fake.

Dark green moody bedroom.

Dark green moody bedroom. photo: Shutterstock


Thinking about the ones, who like colored walls, but maybe not as dark as the previous one. This shade of blue is actually really nice, I prefer a little bit darker one, but this one is very pretty too. It compliments the rose gold lamp and the pastel pink throw blanket quite well and also love hints of brass.

Blue and pastel pink bedroom.

Blue and pastel pink bedroom. photo: Shutterstock


I’m not a fan of matchy bedroom furniture, but it can definitely look very put together, and if you are not sure how to combine different items, this is a safe choice. This furniture family looks very pretty, I love the grey shade and combined with the more rustic wood flooring.

Matchy grey furniture family in a bathroom

Matchy grey furniture family in a bathroom. photo: Shutterstock


This bedroom is for the glam likers out there. The mirrored dresser and nightstand look very glam and I also love the low pendant lights, I think they are a perfect alternative for a table lamp in your bedroom.

Glam bedroom with mirrored dresser and nightstand.

Glam bedroom with mirrored dresser and nightstand. photo: Shutterstock


I would say this bedroom is a bit shabby chic, but not entirely. Love the natural unfinished walls, it definitely gives the shabby chic vibes and the rustic framed mirror. The greyish sage color compliments the grey wall very well, and the iron bed looks amazing in the space.

Grey and sage bedroom

Grey and sage bedroom. photo: Shutterstock

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