Living room furniture layout

The living room serves a different purpose for everyone. Some families spend all their time there, while some people just use it to welcome guests and they don’t spend time there, when they are alone. Either way, there are some rules, or I would say guidelines to follow, when you are planning your living room. 

First of all I recommend using an app or a program to create the layout. There are quite a few free ones by now. Or if you are not a fan of using your computer and you are afraid of learning a new tool, then you can use graph paper and do it manually. Just make sure to have the measurements. Believe me, you don’t want any surprises when you are actually furnishing the place.

Focal point

My first tip is to choose a focal point and arrange the furniture around it. It can be an existing feature of the room, a window of a fireplace. Or it can be something you bring to the space, like a TV. Keep in mind, that the ideal space between the TV and the viewer is not more than 9-10 feet, and the angle shouldn’t be more than 30 degrees. This way it is still comfortable to watch, but it is not too close either.

Fireplace and TV living room

This living room has a fireplace and a TV as well and everything is arranged nicely around them. photo: Shutterstock

Conversation area

Put together conversation areas with the furniture. If the room is too large, than arrange more areas, because it is not convenient, when people are sitting too far from each other, while talking. Also everyone, who is sitting should be able to reach the coffee table comfortably, without standing up and walking there. Also don’t make the walking area too narrow between the furniture, it should be comfortable to walk around. Regarding furniture, don’t place it next to the wall, especially the sofa. It looks boring and not very professional. Place it away from the walls, it will look much more stylish this way.

Living room seating area

The seating area is not so big, but perfect for a couple for example. photo: Shutterstock

Area rug

A lot of people make the mistake to choose a small area rug in their living room. I brought you two photos to represent it, unfortunately it’s not hard to find wrong ones online.

Wrong size living room rug

This is the perfect bad example for a small rug in the living room. It is more like a bathmat size. Totally. Wrong. photo: Shutterstock

Wrong size living room rug

This area rug is a bit better, it is much larger than the one before. Still not okay though. photo: Shutterstock

You area rug needs to be big enough to fit all your conversation area furniture on it. So the sofa, armchairs, coffee table and side tables. If your space is smaller, have at least the front legs of everything on the rug.

Living room area rug right size

The are rug is just the perfect size here. photo: Shutterstock


Coffee table

The coffee table is an important feature in the conversation area. If you choose one, remember that it needs to be a bit lower, than the seating of the sofa and the armchairs around it. You can also replace the coffee table with a bench or an ottoman, and use it multi-purpose. This is a great option, if you have a small living room to work with. People sitting on the sofa and chairs should be able to reach the table to put down their drink, so don’t make the distance between the seating furniture and the table more than 14-16 inches, or 36-40cm.

Living room coffee table, sofa and area rug

The arrangement is perfect here! photo: Shutterstock

Side table

Not everyone has side tables, it depends on the size of your living room and your personal preference. I think if your conversation area is large, and a lot of people can sit down, you need side tables, because the coffee table is not enough. Place it on the two sides of the sofa, or between the sofa and the armchairs. You can put some decor items on it, a table lamp, or a vase, just leave enough space to put down a drink there.

large living room seating area with side table

If you have such a large sofa, you need at least one side table. photo: Shutterstock

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