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I don’t know about you, but these days I’m last minute with almost everything. I try to handle so many things at once, and it’s not always easy. But anyway, I love every part of it, and hey, better late than never, right?

Halloween is just around the corner, and I’ve been so busy, that I just started thinking about the decor. And with this in mind, I browsed through the internet to find some ideas, that are not just the usual pumpkin and autumn color kinda vibes, but maybe something different as well.

It can be DIY if it is easy. For now, I, unfortunately, don’t have a ton of time to spend on creating Halloween decor, but I’m definitely up for some nice and easy tips. And I’m looking for simple things, that are easy on the eye and not too chaotic or over the place. That is not my kinda jazz.

Nothing spooky or scary, thank you

If you are not into the spooky and scary part of Halloween, this decor is definitely for you. I thought we should start with these, you know, just to warm up 🙂 I definitely love these, and they are nice to have during the fall season as well, not just for Halloween, like the rest of the decor pics. Fall is my favorite season to decorate because you can use so many natural items. Just look around and I’m sure you will be able to find something, even at home. Apples, cinnamon sticks, mini pumpkins or full size, carved or not carved, they are perfect. Also, you can DIY  a pumpkin decor, using some fabric, stuffing, and strings, like on the first photo.

Get this look and DIY some fabric pumpkins for yourself!

Get this look and DIY some fabric pumpkins for yourself! image: Shutterstock

Branches with red berries and small decor pumpkins are all you need for a table decor.

Branches with red berries and small decor pumpkins are all you need for a table decor. image: Shutterstock

Paper bat decals

We are getting spookier! These are very easy and you can DIY them for yourself using some thicker black paper and stick on glue. If you are handy with the scissors, this one is perfect for you! Also, kids love this, so if you have kids, or you invite them over for Halloween, I’m sure they will adore this decor. I would also like to mention the easiest thing to do, to cover a simple white candle with black lace for the quickest Halloween decor!

Love these bat decals!

Love these bat decals! image: Shutterstock


Halloween bling

This one is my favorite! Another easy DIY, you just need some spray paint and pumpkins. This is definitely more out there, and not just your usual Halloween decor. These are also perfect as centerpieces on your Halloween dinner table.

Halloween bling right at your table!

Halloween bling right at your table! image: Shutterstock

Party up!

Are you hosting a Halloween party this year? Take a look at these for some inspiration! The black and white color scheme on the second photo is definitely right up my alley, why not do monochrome on Halloween? You can use the bat decals again, and do a spider-web using some thicker black strings and fake spiders and other insects. I really love the black balloon idea as well, so easy, but looks so good if you stack them together.

Halloween party decor using orange and black!

Halloween party decor using orange and black! image: Shutterstock

Black and white Halloween decor, right up my alley!

Black and white Halloween decor, right up my alley! image: Shutterstock

I hope you like the decor posts, I promise I will be back with some more interior design content in the next days 🙂

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