Island or peninsula

We already talked about all the other kitchen layout types here, but I wanted to have a separate article on the peninsula and island layout kitchen. In my opinion these are the most practical and comfortable layout and I recommend them to anyone, who has the space. They only work in a living room-dining room-kitchen combo space, and you need quite a lot of square meters to be able to do them right. If you have a small space, don’t try to force it in the space, it will look odd and you will have zero space to move around. 

The technological order and work triangle rule applies here as well, these are the key elements of a well-functioning kitchen. The work triangle consists of the fridge(storage), sink(washing, doing the dishes) and the cooking and baking area, so the cooktop and the oven. Again, if you want to know more about this and see plans, layouts, sizes and case studies, check out my kitchen planning course 🙂


Peninsula or G-shaped kitchen

A G-shaped kitchen is the extended version of the U-shape, it is also called a peninsula. It is usually in one room with the dining room and living room, and it is mostly ideal in larger spaces, in small spaces it looks too crowded. One leg can also be built-in with only high cabinets here too, but try to keep it balanced and airy in other parts and don’t use too many upper cabinets in this case.

Peninsula kitchen

A peninsula is a great option, if you can’t have an island in your kitchen. photo: Shutterstock

Kitchen with island

Very comfortable layout, it requires at least 14-16nm space. You need to decide in advance, which function will the island have. Also don’t make the fridge, cooktop, oven and sink too far from each other, because you will need to walk around too much in the kitchen. It is very ideal for a family, because the island can function as a dining or breakfast area too and separate from the living room.

Kitchen island

Your island can have so many functions! photo: Shutterstock

I don’t recommend putting a main function to the kitchen island like the cooktop, maybe only if you have the opportunity to build a huge island like the one in the photo. You can also place your sink on it, a pretty high-quality faucet can be the jewel of your kitchen.

Function kitchen island

You can have your oven and sink in the island, if it is huge like this one! photo: Shutterstock

If you want to put a main function on the island it is better to opt for a peninsula kitchen, that is connected to your cabinets. Peninsulas function much like islands but offer more clearance in kitchens, that do not allow appropriate space for a true island. Always have about 48” (120cm) space around your island, between the cabinets and the kitchen island.

Peninsula with sink

photo: Shutterstock

I’m in love with kitchen islands, but they certainly need a lot of space. Hope this article helped you clear some things up about them!

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