Just because you don’t own the place you are currently living in, it doesn’t mean it can’t look like your own and feel like your own. You can cover up the not so pretty parts and give it a more personal touch. Of course you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a rental place, so these are all low cost tips, or ones you can take with you when you move.

This  topic is also important for me, since currently I’m living in a rented flat, and it has been a challenge to make it look better since I moved away from my parents house. There might be some restrictions, so always ask your owner what is allowed to change.

Peel and stick things will be your friend

Peel and stick everything exist now including countertops and backsplashes. They work like contact paper, you can stick them to your countertop or backsplash and remove when you need to move. You can find gorgeous marble effect ones for example, or wooden effect too.

How cool is this peel and stick hexagon tile backsplash? Just like the real thing.

Improve your lighting

Overhead lighting fixtures are often not very pretty in rental apartments. But since nobody really cares about it, there is no point in changing them, instead opt for buying ones that are more in focus and everyone can see. Opt for nice sconces or table and floor lamps, that you can easily take with you when you are moving. Floor lamps are my favorite because they don’t require any drilling or holes in the wall, and the easiest to move.


Spice up your walls

While landlords love white paint, and personally I love it too, so much better than some ridiculous colored walls in rentals out there. But sometimes we get bored of it and want to make it a bit more colorful and personalized. Put some removable wallpaper on the wall or organize some art on it. You can opt for decals too, if you are afraid of the peel and stick wallpaper. Always plan the arrangement before putting something on the wall, you don’t want to put a bunch of holes in the wall and realize, that you wanted the whole thing a little bit more to the right. So measure, put on a paper, and start drawing, visualization will help you a lot with this.

Change small details

There might be some furniture where you move, and they might not necessarily have the nicest hardware. The good thing is that most handles and doorknobs can be replaced in a heartbeat, and you can find some very nice ones in H&M Home or Butlers, and my favorite place Zara Home that’s where I got the ones shown in the photo. You can put the old ones back when you move!


And after! How pretty are these knobs from Zara Home?

Bring in those new rugs and throw pillows

Everything is so perfect with your new rented apartment, but that ugly floor carpet in the bedroom and the curtains…this might hear similar right? No problem! You can easily replace the curtains, and buy some nice rugs and put them on the floor. They can cover any not so pretty carpets or tiles. Also, if you don’t love the sofa so much, put a huge blanket and some nice cushions, it will feel much cozier and more like you.

Layering different rugs is perfect to spice up your space and make it look more eclectic.

I also changed the blinds in our bedroom since the old ones didn’t block the sun at all. These very affordable ones are from Ikea and work very well.

Use bookcases instead of wall shelves

Instead of putting shelves on the walls, buy standing bookcases, where you can store and decorate on, and you don’t have to hang as much or put holes in the walls. They are much easier to take with you too and you can find affordable options like the Billy ones in Ikea. Also put your framed photos and art pieces on your shelves and arrange nicely if you don’t want to put holes in the walls or you are not allowed.

Ikea Billy has a wide selection of bookcases and they are very simple and easy to incorporate in your design.

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