Hi, all!

So today I would like to show you my little DIY project that I did. We are living in a rented apartment, so some of our furniture belongs to the flat…but the good news is, that we have the nicest owner in the world, who let me paint all of her furniture that is left in our home. So I decided that I will paint all of the old wooden shelves and little cabinet white!

I did some research before, and I figured, that I should use the Pentart Dekor Paint Soft in off-white. For all the furniture below I used 1,5-liter paint in case you were wondering šŸ™‚ One big bookshelf and a smaller one, and the little cabinet with two drawers.

First I ground the surfaces with a grinding machine, and in the smaller areas with just a grinding paper. Then I painted them with two coats, they dried very fast!

So let me show you some pics of the process and how they’ve turned out! I’m super happy with them, I think our living room looks way better than before.


And finally šŸ˜‰




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