Moody dark bedroom

Transitioning into fall and winter season is the perfect time to update your bedroom with a darker wall color. Not to mention these moody rich colors are so on trend right now! These dark bedrooms are so cozy and restful, perfect for all those fall and winter long weekend mornings spent in bed and sleeping in. 

Sometimes our bedroom gets the least natural daylight. After all, we only spend the night there, when it is dark anyway! We prefer using the rooms with a lot of light for the living room, kitchen and even for our office. Are you one of those people, who think, that because of this, you should only paint your bedroom white, because it will look lighter? Well, this is not exactly true. Painting a room with little natural light white or light colors will only make it look dull and boring. And we don’t want that, am I right?

So your bedroom can be the perfect room in your home, where you can experience with darker colors. Cover all your walls with deep blues or greens, even grey or black. Pair it with dark rich toned woods and dark painted floors. Dramatic yet? If you are not brave enough, go for a mid-grey or a darker one. Add some brighter or ore vibrant color in the room, to avoid looking dreary and gothic. Take a couple of these dark bedrooms for inspiration!

The drama queen

This bedroom is definitely going for some drama. The black walls and floor paired with gold accents are so elegant, while the bed is giving a much more loose and laid back vibe. Love this combo though!

dark black bedroom walls with gold

Dark walls combined with gold are so elegant and dramatic! photo: Shutterstock

The girly version

This greenish blue color is so interesting, I love it! If you combine it with soft pastels and light carpet, it can work perfect for a woman or a girl.

pastel pink and blue wall bedroom

This color is so interesting, you don’t even need much else color in the room. photo: Shutterstock

The bachelor’s pad

This combination can be perfect for a young man’s flat, what do you think? It is a bit too strict with the grey and black, but the warmer wooden tones add just enough warmth and coziness, as it needs.

black and grey walls bedroom

Perfect for a bachelor’s pad! photo: Shutterstock

The accent wall

This is my favorite blue shade! If you are not up for painting all the wall dark, just do an accent wall behind your bed. It will definitely draw the eyes there, and you can combine it with lighter floor and some lighter wooden and white furniture. The pastel pink accents also soften the drama of the dark wall.

dark blue accent wall bedroom

Love the combination of the dark blue and the pastel pink. photo: Shutterstock


Gold and grey

You mostly find rather cold toned greys, not warm. And you would pair it with silver. But as you can see here, it is worth it to think outside the box! It looks so elegant with the gold accents, but somehow laid back and cool with the linen sheets.

gold and grey wall bedroom

Not a usual combination, but gold and grey looks amazing here. photo: Shutterstock

The interesting

Okay, so normally I would pair this grey wall with some totally different furniture. The moldings are just perfect, and I imagine this with an upholstered huge headboard and some glam elements, some brass or gold accents and dark wooden pieces. However, it also somehow works in this space, combined with these mid-brown, a bit rustic wooden furniture pieces. Love this wall!

grey moldings wall bedroom

Moldings can elevate your space so much, I love adding this detail to a room. photo: Shutterstock

The purple

You don’t see a lot of purple bedrooms, and personally I’m not a fan of this color at all. Combined with rather elegant furniture pieces and this wooden millwork, I actually like it. Not to mention the modern fireplace, it ties the whole room together and the grey around it works great with the purple. Just gorgeous!

purple bedroom

An unusual color for a bedroom, but I like it. photo: Shutterstock

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