Fall table decoration ideas

Fall is officially here and it means that it’s time to collect some fall table settings and decoration ideas. Since we have quite a few festivities this season, Halloween and Thanksgiving, I’m sure you will host at least one dinner party. The amazing thing with fall decor is that you don’t even have to buy new expensive pieces to make it look pretty. There are plenty of creative ideas using seasonal pieces from nature. 

I want to share with you some ideas, that can inspire you to create something on your own, or buy some cute little fall decor pieces. Because you definitely don’t need to buy things. Fall nature is amazing, just go out for a hike or a walk and you can collect all the decor items you need. Amazing tree leaves in all the beautiful fall shades, cones and chestnuts. Decorative pumpkins are also a great way to spice up your fall table easily.

Cutlery ideas

The perfect textiles and fabrics for your fall table are definitely natural fabrics. Linen is the best option in my opinion in sand or beige color to compliment all the gorgeous fall colors. You can also use burlap as a table runner or for some decorative ideas.

Candle cutlery decoration

Candle is a must in fall decoration!

Burlap pumpkin cutlery table

Burlap and pumpkin: the perfect fall table combination!

Natural decoration

When it comes to fall decor, nature is your best friend. Everything you find in a fall forest or park can look amazing on your table as well. Just make sure to wash them first 🙂

fall table decor: chestnut, cone and fall leaves with a candle

All my fall favorites in one photo! photo: Shutterstock

table decor with apple, cinnamon stick and anise

Cinnamon sticks, anise and apple are not only perfect fall and winter scents, but they also look gorgeous as natural decor items.


Table arrangements

Transitioning your summer table to fall is literally as easy as adding some mini pumpkins, nuts or apples and you are all set! Simple china and cutlery goes amazing with the fall aesthetics, make the natural decor be the focal point. Also the best is to combine them with white china, if you want to go for simplicity.

sunflower table design

Sunflowers! This one is so pretty and definitely fits the fall vibes and color aesthetics. Not fan of the cutlery though, it would look way better with some simple or more traditional ones. photo: Shutterstock

natural fall centerpiece table decor

Taking natural decor items to the next level, there are so many thing here! Walnuts, apples, pear, pumpkins and red berries, I love the whole thing. It is so simple to put together, yet perfect for a centerpiece. It also matches the simple china and cutlery perfectly, he centerpiece is definitely the focal point of this table decor. photo: Shutterstock

black and gold fall table

You can make fall decor a bit more luxe by spraypainting the mini pumpkins and mixing it with gold and black tones! photo: Shutterstock

fall table decoration with pretty cutlery and china

Cones, candlesm pumpkins and vintage cutlery…do you need anything else for fall? photo: Shutterstock

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