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We are already in the second half of summer 2018. Someone please tell me where the first half went?? Anyway, we spend a lot of time in our garden, or on our patio. Everyone wants a beautiful garden, but hiring a landscape designer can get very expensive. But we also want it to look pretty, when we spend more time there, inviting our friends over for barbecue, or have a glass of wine after a long day. I have some fun tutorials for you to be able to spice up your garden without investing a lot of time and money, but still make it unique.


This planter is such a unique idea! source: remodelaholic.com

Monogram planter

This monogram planter project became very popular after being posted on the web. No wonder, it is such a unique idea, it can instantly add personality to your garden. If you are new with DIY projects though, I don’t recommend this at first, but if you are comfortable with your tools, get to it!

Garden storage crate

A great storage option for your gardening tools! source: http://blog.confessionsofanewoldhomeowner.com

Garden storage crate

Do you need something to store your gardening tools, but you want something fun and unique? Just grab an old crate, throw on some wheels, and stencil in your name to make this functional, rolling garden crate. This storage create is so easy to make, and it is a very stylish storage option!

DIY sandbox for the kids

This sandbox will definitely keep your kids entertained! source: tarynwhiteaker.com

DIY sandbox for the kids

A sandbox is a never ending entertainment source for kids to play in the garden. It is very useful for you too, because they can play there for hours, while you can relax on the patio without worrying too much about them. This is also cheap and easy to make and your kids will love it!


Stenciled stepping stones

I love this colorful idea, perfect for a fun summery garden! source: designimprovised.com

Stenciled Garden Stepping Stones

You just need some weather-resistant paint and honeycomb stencils to create these fun and colorful stepping stones in your garden. You can personalize this project and choose any color paint you like, if you want a more neutral one, go for it! This pattern will still make a big impact in your garden.

Hanging planter

This is such a unique take on how to organize your planters! source: northstory.ca

Hanging planter

Hanging plants are very trendy this year,  but this project takes it to a different level. It is not the same old macrame hanging plant we see everywhere, it is much more unique and perfect for your patio or garden. This project is also very affordable and easy to make, so beginners can definitely do it too!

Floral lantern

Big flower-filled lanterns are the perfect decoration in your garden or on your patio! source: designimprovised.com

Floral lanterns

I love decorating with lanterns, especially those huge ones, that you can put on the floor. These floral-filled lanterns are a different take on them, and they are perfect to decorate outside! Use faux flowers and they will stay with you during the whole season or you can even take them out next year!

String lights

Instant cozy vibes with string lights hanging in your garden or patio! source: www.countryliving.com

Hanging string lights

In my opinion hanging string lights are essential to set the mood on a warm summer evening spending in your garden, barbecuing and having fun with friends or family. They are the perfect mood lightning, and you can install them in a ton of different ways!

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