Black and white bathroom

Inspiration comes from a variety of sources. We want to provide you with monthly content on some nice inspiration ideas in different subjects. Since this month we are all about bathroom topics, a bathroom inspiration post is in order. Everybody loves white, we love it too. We love it because it is elegant, classic and cool and can be decorated in so many ways. Also the style options are endless, you can basically create any style bathroom you want, it also depends on the accessories and decor items. And what do we love even better? Black and white together! So let’s see 7 black and white bathrooms in different styles, their styling and why we like them so much!


You would never thought that you can do a farmhouse or rustic styled bathroom in black and white, did you? Of course you can, you just need to add the right decoration items! The white shiplap wall looks amazing combined with the grey wall and the wood effect hardwood floor. The vintage brushed nickel faucets and doorknobs match this style perfectly. Just take your favorite farmhouse sconces installed next to the mirror and add your farmhouse chandelier and you get this perfect bathroom with the homey and cosy farmhouse aesthetics.

Farmhouse bathroom


The white colored tiles embrace the brightness and cleanliness of this traditional bathroom. The black and white mosaic tiles on the floor give just the right retro vibe to the space, while keeping it simple with the white subway tiles on the wall. The framed black cabinets with the simple knobs and the brushed metal colored faucets, sconces and mirror frame give this bathroom that classic traditional look. Just add some fresh flowers and a piece of art to give color to the space!

Traditional bathroom



If you look at the photo of this bathroom at first, the word luxe comes to your mind. But take a closer look at the details and you can see that only a few little items make it look luxurious. The brushed gold details on the faucets, the doorknobs and the hardware on the scones pull together the look really nicely. Also if you have your pretty linens and towels, you can showcase them in a mirrored cabinet like this one in the picture, and this also adds texture and depth to the space.

Luxe bathroom


The grout creates a nice contrast in this bathroom, and all the different fabrics add texture to the space. Plants are also welcome to decorate your bathroom, they add a little boho feel to this industrial room. The focal point is definitely the retro sink, which looks perfect with the minimal pendants and the wooden floating shelf. In a bathroom like this you don’t need a fancy mirror, that’s exactly why it is also kept simple here with just a basic frameless one.

Industrial bathroom


My favorite, patterned floor tiles! These are so perfect for a black and white bathroom, and you don’t really need anything to take away the focus of them. The shiplap wall and the vintage wall-mounted black faucet is a great match! Also think outside a box, when you want a unique bathroom. You don’t need to use conventional cabinets under the sink, look how amazing this distressed white wood dresser looks turned into an under sink cabinet!

Rustic bathroom


Minimalist style often features black and white color palette, not only in the bathroom, but any part of the house. Everything is nicely balanced in this bathroom, even the faucets are black to match the aesthetics. The tiles on the floor and on the wall are all the same basic square-shaped white ones, they don’t take off the focus, which is on the black framed modern circular mirror and the dark wooden accessories.

Minimal bathroom


It is not easy to do a bohemian bathroom black and white, but this Moroccan inspired wallpaper adds an instant boho vibe to this black and white space. Moroccan hanging lanterns and a casually hanging tribal printed handtowel is just what this otherwise minimal and modern bathroom needs to take on that Moroccan vibe!

Moroccan bathroom

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