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What are the first words that come to your mind, when it comes to the bathroom? A lot of space, intimacy, hygiene, functionality, well cleaned and safe. First and foremost, functionality is the most important feature, when we think of our bathroom. Especially small bathrooms can seem like a difficult task to design, however, these spaces may give you just the right design challenge. Creating a functional and storage-friendly bathroom may be just what your home needs. If you design a small bathroom every item needs to have a purpose and they should be stylish and functional at the same time.

Add storage under the sink

It would be a mistake to miss the space under the sink for storage when it comes to a small bathroom. A standing sink is never practical in a small bathroom, it is only a good option, when you have a lot of space, and you can put storage somewhere else. Otherwise always opt for a cabinet under your sink, and a medicine cabinet behind your mirror is a good option too! In this case you can put every daily essential there and easily access it without having everything out visible for everyone. It creates a nice tidy look without clutter. Floating shelves are very popular now, so you can install them, or find a nice storage ladder where you can showcase your prettier products or hang your nice matching colored towels.

Shelving above the sink

This is a great way to save space! Shelving behind the mirror and cabinet under the sink.

Small cabinet

Love this little cabinet, perfect to hide away things you don’t want to showcase.

Be functional!

As I said, functionality is key, when designing a small bathroom. Small places tend to look more cluttered, and we want to avoid that. We can do that, by adding design elements that are functional at the same time. Also, don’t add small useless items to a small space, just the necessities. Store your cotton balls and swabs in small jars on your shelves, or floating shelves. They can look pretty if you put them in a glass jar, or a mason jar. Put additional baskets under your cabinets and on your washer/dryer units to maximize your storage space. And rather then displaying your products on the counter, put them in the cabinets.

Open shelves

Nicely arranged shelves doesn’t look cluttered at all.

Rustic open shelves

This is a great look if you go for a more rustic vibe in your bathroom!


Keep your color palette neutral

Plan your color palette before painting and arranging everything, so that there won’t be too much colors in a small space. Keep in mind that dark colors tend to make the room look smaller than it actually is, something that we don’t want in an otherwise small bathroom. So instead opt for lighter natural hues, to make your bathroom feel calm and aesthetically pleasing. You can also do a bolder accent color, but the light natural tones create a base theme to your bathroom. Remember that white is always the sign of cleanliness, so you can never go wrong with it. You can also play with textures to add depth to the space.

Neutral bathroom

This bathroom is very clean and neutral, but not boring at all with the textures and the pattern behind the mirror!

Mosaic neutral tiles

The mosaic tiles behind the tub add depth to the room.


Lighting is always important when it comes to the bathroom. You need the best lighting to apply your makeup and for your significant other to shave. Sconces on the sides of your mirror work well, but they need to be at least 60 watts or more per sconce. If you have only the option to have one sconce above the mirror, have other lighting sources around to avoid downcast lighting (worst nightmare for your dark circles). The best is if you have sconces above and on the two sides of the mirror, that’s how you get the perfect lighting.

Sconces lighting

These sconces add just enough lighting to the room.

Above head lighting

Only above head lightning is not the best option, but it is acceptable if you don’t have enough space on the sides.

Add mirrors

Adding mirrors to a small space is an old trick of interior designers, and it is not different in a bathroom either. You don’t have to just do the mirror above the sink, you can add a nice framed mirror on the other side of the wall too to trick yourself and your guest into thinking they are in a larger space than it actually is.

Huge mirror

This huge mirror is definitely the focus of this small bathroom!

Shower instead of bathtub

I know that most of us wants to have a bathtub in our bathroom to be able to relax, or the most ideal situation is when you have the space for a tub and a shower too. Unfortunately small spaces doesn’t always allow to be able to install a big tub, and I always recommend to settle with a shower instead of taking over the whole bathroom with a bathtub. There are amazing designs for the showers too, and you can choose just the one you have dreamed of.

Spacious shower

A tub wouldn’t have fit in here, but a spacious shower has!

Small bathroom with shower

There is just enough space for everything in this small bathroom, perfectly arranged!

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