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You asked, we answer! I always get the question to do a post about rooms on a budget. Living room, office, bedroom we can go on and on the spaces we might want to design on a budget. When buying a home or renovating, most of the budget goes to the kitchen and bathroom, as they are require the most of the money. Also it is understandable, we want to spend the money on the things, that will stay with us for a long time. A dresser or a table can be easily switched out, but not the whole kitchen furniture, am I right? So usually, after we are done with the built-in stuff, like kitchen and bathrooms, not much money is left for the rest of the house. So we are going to go through each room in a series, and find design options, that are fairly affordable and look good anywhere.

Living room on a budget

In this post we are focusing on the living room, and we are calling our trusty old Ikea to help with the design on a budget. As you might now by far I’m a fan of Ikea and like to get bits and bobs there. Now I put together three different aesthetics and ideas, all from Ikea.


In the first one I choose to work with the tropical trend, that is in for this year, and for this summer especially. The good thing about this design, that the big items are all very neutral and basic, the accessories take the show with the prints and patterns. The decor items to highlight the earthy tones and the neutral mood of this space.All of these items are from Ikea, except from some fabrics.



In the second one I was inspired by one of Ikea’s newer collections, Ypperlig. I really love the simplicity and scandinavian style of this collection, so I wanted to mix it with a blush color to create nice soft and light aesthetics. The look of these flowy shelves is rather better than built-in heavy bookshelves when mixing with lighter colors. I love the look of light wood mix with grey and beige tones, they are so calming and relaxing. I would like to relax in a living room like this after a long day of work, and it costs so much less, than you would think.


The third living room I put together has some coastal vibes. When I saw this blue couch in Ikea, I knew I wanted to use it for this project. It is quite coastal and country style at the same time, so I chose pieces that fit these styles. Ikea is perfect, because you can find items whatever your style and aesthetic is! Also their prices are so amazing, I’m sure you will be able to find those furniture you really like and you won’t be disappointed. I linked everything here also below the picture.

I really enjoy making these types of posts, let me know if you like them too!

Note: We made a quiz for you, to get to know your personal interior design style in just 3 minutes! If you complete the quiz, you will be able to personalize trends for yourself 🙂

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